10.06.1978 Mar del Plata Estadio Mar del Plata 25 000
France 3:1(3:1) Hungary
[22] Dropsy Dominique, [4] Janvion Gerard, [5] Bracci Francois, [6] Lopez Christian, [8] Tresor Marius(c), [13] Petit Jean, [10] Papi Claude, [11/20] Rouyer Olivier, [14] Berdoll Marc, [9] Dominique Bathenay, [7/18] Rocheteau Dominique

Both teams went out to warm up before the match in white jerseys. According to the criteria previously set by FIFA, Hungary should have had white jerseys. The jerseys of the local Kimberley club was urgently brought for France team. They were in a white and green vertical stripe. There were 14 such field player jerseys, but the numbers on them were from 2 to 11 and from 13 to 16. Therefore, some French players had one number on their shorts and another number on the jersey. For them, the number on the jersey is indicated before the slash, then the number on the shorts. Claude Papi played with the number 10 on both the jersey and the shorts. But his number in the squad at the tournament was 12.
[1] Gujdar Sandor, [12] Martos Gyozo, [6] Kereki Zoltan(c), [14] Balint Laszlo, [4] Toth Jozsef, [8] Nyilasi Tibor, [10] Pinter Sandor, [5] Zombori Sandor, [17] Pusztai Laszlo, [9] Torocsik Andras, [18] Nagy Laszlo
Coach:Michel Hidalgo Laszlo Baroti
Scorers:22' Lopez Christian, 36' Berdoll Marc, 41' Rocheteau Dominique 40' Zombori Sandor
Substitutions:46' in [15] Platini Michel out Papi Claude,
75' in [16/19] Six Didier out Rocheteau Dominique
79' in [13] Csapo Karoly out Nagy Laszlo
Referee:Arnaldo Cesar Coelho (BRA) Assistant referee:Pat Partridge (ENG),
Juan Silvagno (CHI)
FANPicturis (C)

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